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Camping at Eagles Point Camp is one most popular activities for most age groups and parties. The camp facilities are fully equipped and supplied with comfortable accommodation, great food, plenty of personal space and myriad options for outdoors activities including hiking, cycling, swimming, historical exploration, team building, group poetry, music and singing, Christian activities and more.

There are are lots of wild game including buffalo, zebras, a very wide variety of bird species, insects and savanna small game.

Eagles Point Camp is close to Menengai Crater. It is surrounded by the Soysambu Conservancy to the west, and is only 2km from the Sleeping Moran Hills.

Eagles Point Camp grounds offer an awesome view of Lake Elementaita day and night. Weather or climate shifts only happen to accentuate the beauty of the serene vegetation and lake, with the reflective surface of the calm waters acting as a natural mirror to the sky and beautiful landscape along the lake shores. Breathtaking views of the lake are to be appreciated in the early morning when the rising sun rays strike the calm water, and late afternoon when the setting sun's rays cast their last kiss of the day at the lake with long endearing fingers. The wildlife joins in the soft cacophony of nature's music, to complement with cheer the day's closing events. Birds rise up in song like a wild orchestra, in variety and rhythm. The zebras contribute their sharp clear bugles with excited dashes in the bushes. The buffalo steal along game trails like vain shadows, adding to the aura of the evening's festival. This hypnotic experience repeats in intensity and variety day and night, making camp visitors wonder why they ever lived anywhere else!