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At Eagles Point Camp, we believe that life is a series of experiences to be enhanced and nurtured in the environment we live in.  Eagles Point Camp is an an absolute access to nature and limitless environmental learning, recreational and conservancy activities. It is an oasis for self-enhancement, motivational get-back-to-yourself place away from the city noise, junk food, stress and traffic. We always have so much fun in organizing and engaging groups and youth in various self-development and recreational activities!

Below are some of the stuff we love to do. You can inquire about any of these group activities below to learn more about scheduling, preparation, and costs. Keep in mind these are ALL group activities.

  • Conservancy activities: water management, bird feeding, insect protection study, tree planting & wildlife discovery
  • Christian fellowship: Spiritual discussions or seminar
  • Music: Piano and mixed instruments
  • Exploratory hiking expeditions (Scheduled Groups). Hiking is launched from the camp grounds. Activities include archeological explorations, nature discoveries, desert plant studies, bird watching, out-of-camp pickniking, photography, etc.
  • Team building scraps (Scheduled Groups) This is designed and booked as team building schedule for minimum of 2 (two) days per group.
  • Community enhancement activities: Includes construction of child nurseries or daycare, zero grazing, rain harvesting, water filtration, irrigation and solar lighting. These training activities are optionally offered besides the regular camp stays. Extra charges apply for guides and supplies. Contact us for more information.
  • Weight and health management classes (July, September and November) This program is scheduled well in advance for 3 months in a year for specific client groups. The minimum stay is 7 (seven) days from Sunday to Sunday.
  • Kids survival training and hardening camp (Scheduled Groups). This program is designed to enhance survival and self-confidence in younger kids ages 8-14, especially those who need to enhance character and discipline away from well-orderd (or chaotic) city life. It is only available (in April, August and December), and accommodates a maximum of 50 attendees. Parents are not included in the group. The training lasts 7 days, from Sunday to Sunday. Contact us for a more detailed schedule.